Conquer your cravings. Elevate your energy. Decode and depower emotional eating.

Find out just how good you can feel.


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The #BreakTheSugarShackles Boot Camp is an online, group course that offers a comprehensive solution to achieving sugar-freedom for good.

In 6 weeks, you’ll conquer your cravings by eliminating the foods that cause them, balancing your blood sugar, and addressing the Soul Sweeteners™ that drive emotional eating. You’ll walk away, looking and feeling better than ever, with the knowledge and tools to make your sugar-freedom stick.  

This course is a quickstart to peak health, energy, and self-confidence, and a blueprint for lasting freedom from the physical and emotional shackles of sugar.

Enrollment for Spring 2019 is open!

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science, secrets, and solutions

In just 6 weeks, you’ll learn everything you need to know for sugar-free success.

  • sugar science

Information is power. We’ll delve into the biochemisty of sugar: what makes it more addictive than cocaine and exactly how it contributes to weight gain, joint pain, allergies, disease, etc.

  • sneaky sugar

Chicken soup. Salad. Sushi. You’ll be surprised where added sugar might be hiding. You’ll learn how to stay sugar-free, and sane, in a sugar-coated food industry

  • sugar & stress

We turn to treats for stress relief, but did you know that sugar actually causes stress too? We’ll cover the sugar/stress relationship and how sugar converts into both emotional and physical stress to the body.​

  • supermarket survival

Over 80% of items on supermarket shelves contain hidden sugar, even the “health foods.” It can feel like walking through a minefield but you’ll learn what to look for and how to protect yourself.

  • soul sweeteners™

You’ll learn the real cravings behind your emotional eating habit that’s keeping you shackled to sugar, and what to do about them.

  • sugar is sugar...?

Natural sugar. Added sugar. Refined sugar. Blood Sugar. Carbohydrates. Fruit. What’s the difference? Are they all bad? We’ll break it all down so you can navigate the sugar scene with confidence.

Sugar-Freedom is Calling.

With abundant health, energy, and self-confidence, there is nothing you can't achieve. Schedule your call now.

Who is this program for?

Whether you’re a wellness novice looking to kick sugar and kickstart a healthier lifestyle, or you’re a wellness veteran looking for a next-level opportunity, the #BreakTheSugarShackles Boot Camp is for you. This program will take your health, energy, and self-confidence to the next level, especially if you:

  • Are sick and tired of being sick and tired
  • Want to get off the energy rollercoaster and say goodbye to the “3 PM crash”
  • Have goals to crush and dreams to achieve, and need to sustain peak energy all day every day to do so
  • Eat pretty healthy” but still don’t have the body, health, or confidence you want
  • Are an “emotional eater” and crave sweets or other junk foods when you are upset
  • Suffer from symptoms/disorders of inflammation: headaches, joint/body pain, fatigue, autoimmune disorders, metabolic disease, allergies, excess weight, etc.
  • Have no idea how much sugar/refined carbs you eat, but know it’s probably more than you should
  • Are aware of the negative health consequences of sugar and processed foods and want to learn more to protect yourself and your loved ones
  • Want to disrupt the generational health decline so that your children actually will have a longer life expectancy than you
  • Want to lose weight without eating less or exercising more
  • Want to eliminate pain without taking more pills
  • Are ready to finally feel like the badass boss babe / world conqueror / supermom you came here to be!

What To Expect:

You’ll be you, only so much better! You’ll see that you don’t have to live with bloating, fatigue, or “inflamm-aging.” You’ll take back control of your health and get the resources and encouragement you need to become your better you. You’ll find out just how good sugar-freedom can feel!

  • Conquer your sugar cravings
  • Lose Weight (especially belly fat!)
  • Have more energy
  • Balance your blood sugar
  • Better, more restful sleep
  • Reduce inflammation and body pain
  • Decode & depower emotional eating
  • Improve your digestion
  • Glowing, clear skin
  • and so much more!

Live Workshops

No automated, one-size-fits-all approach here! You’ll have lessons, Q&A, and coaching every week, all done live online. With personal interaction and accountability, you will be motivated to stay on track and get results!

Recipes & resources

You’ll receive a 6-week meal plan, delicious recipes, invaluable handouts, worksheets and journal prompts, and guides for travel, dining out, etc…. everything you need for sugar-free success!


You’ll have constant access to your coach, Allison, along with community support through a private Facebook group. We are here with all the expertise and encouragement you need to succeed.

NOW Enrolling for SPRING 2019!


I’m Allison May. I teach health without deprivation and believe that we all have the innate power to heal, flourish, and create the reality of our dreams.

Living The Sweeter Way, I healed my own thyroid disease, adrenal fatigue, IBS, migraines, and depression. Now I work with women around the globe to naturally eliminate their symptoms, lose unwanted weight, improve their energy and vitality, and uncover the lasting health, confidence, and happiness they are meant to have.

It’s about working with your body, rather than against it, and making healthy living easy, enjoyable, and sustainable.

I broke my sugar shackles and you can, too!

Sugar no longer runs or ruins my life. I don’t constantly crave it, and I rarely consume it. When I do have something sweet, it is an intentional, not emotional, decision to do so. I no longer binge and, after only a few bites of something sweet, I actually feel satiated. I have no feelings of guilt, shame, or deprivation when it comes to sugar. I am healthy, happy, and have enough energy to go out every day and live my best life.

Take Back Your Power.

The diet industry says you have to suffer to be skinny. The healthcare system says you need pills, potions, and procedures to be healthy. Tell me, has any of that worked for you? If you’re ready to take back your power, to take back your health, this boot camp is your manual.

Fall in Love with Food AgAin.

Imagine not reading another nutrition label, not feeling guilty after eating a piece of cake, not worrying about portion size or calorie count or grams of protein ever again. Imagine, also, having the body, energy, health, and confidence you have wanted for so long. If you’re ready to believe that all this can be your reality, this course is for you.

Eat by choice, not Emotion.

Stress. Sadness. Anger. Rejection… Junk food is the pill for every emotional ill. Sound familiar? It helps for a little while, but then you just feel worse, right? Then you feel the shame, disgust, failure for eating something that didn’t help your health or your waistline. If you’re ready to break the cycle, sugar-freedom can be yours. 

Sugar-Freedom Can Be Yours.

Imagine having one cookie and feeling satiated. Imagine not feeling guilty. Imagine not craving another. Imagine walking away without stuffing five more in your mouth...