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I’m Allison May. I teach health without deprivation and believe that we all have the innate power to heal, flourish, and create the reality of our dreams.

Living The Sweeter Way, I healed my own thyroid disease, adrenal fatigue, IBS, migraines, and depression. Now I work with women around the globe to naturally eliminate their symptoms, lose unwanted weight, improve their energy and vitality, and uncover the lasting health, confidence, and happiness they are meant to have.

It’s about working with your body, rather than against it, and making healthy living easy, enjoyable, and sustainable.

"What really surprised me was how easy it was to lose weight and feel amazing without being "hangry" or living at the gym!"
Amy Y
Boston, MA

It's a Solution, Not a "Diet"

Diets are usually about food, and food alone. They promise weight loss, usually require deprivation, and often have nothing to do with health. The Sweeter Way is not a “diet” for weight loss, it is a lifestyle solution for health (which happens to eliminate excess weight in the process). Together, we will address these often overlooked but oh-so-important aspects of your weight-loss and health-gain journey.

Food as Fuel

The diet industry and modern medicine have managed to villainize both food and our own bodies such that we fear and fight against both. This says a lot about the current state of health in our society: overweight and over-medicated. Food isn’t the enemy, it is a crucial part of the solution. If you are overweight, in pain, or ill, your body is sending a message. It is telling you it is out of balance. The answer isn’t “eat less food and control the body with pills,” it’s “eat the right food and allow the body to recalibrate.” Your body seeks balance and is wired for healing when given the right fuel. You’ll learn exactly how to give your body what it needs so you can stop fighting - and start loving - food and your body again.

Blood sugar, balanced

Riding the blood sugar rollercoaster doesn’t just make you “hangry,” it also contributes to weight gain and a whole host of health problems: diabetes, heart disease, stroke, dementia, cancer. The key to lasting health and weight loss is balancing insulin levels by regulating blood sugar. I will show you how even “healthy” diets can lead to drastic fluctuations in blood sugar and how to eat, instead, for stable, balanced blood sugar to optimize your health and sustain peak energy all day every day!

Movement matters

Weight loss, mental health, stress-relief, cardiovascular health – the scientific evidence for the benefits of exercise is nearly endless. That being said, the “eat less, exercise more” approach to weight loss is both antiquated and erroneous. Less is often more when it comes to moving for health. We will discuss how you can incorporate moving for health in a way that you enjoy, while also listening to your body and allowing the rest and recovery that is equally important to your weight loss and healing.

Emotional eating, decoded

This is why deprivation diets fail and this is perhaps the most impactful aspect of my work with clients. We, especially as women, are emotional, soulful beings with innate emotional needs. When we try to “willpower” our way through a diet or lifestyle change, we fail to address the emotional aspect of eating, and ultimately give in to the cravings and “fail another diet.” Together, we will work to overcome your emotional attachment to junk food by identifying and addressing the Soul Sweeteners™ that you are really craving. These are the underlying, unmet emotional needs that we unconsciously seek to satiate with “treat” foods.

Gut health for the win

Your gut health, and your ability to effectively metabolize food, plays an integral role in virtually every system of your body, and thus your overall health and vitality. It directly affects your mental health and clarity of thinking, the strength of your immune system, the production of hormones, metabolism, and systemic inflammation. We will work to heal and support your gut because a happy, healthy gut leads to a happy, healthy you!

Sleep tight, stress right

Did you know that some of your best fat-burning activity happens while you sleep? Did you know that stress hormones actually trigger fat-storage, age your cells, and contribute to cancer and other disease? Of course, the constant demands of our lives, careers, and families pull us every which way and make us feel like there are just never enough hours in a day. Since you probably can’t just quit life and join a monastery, it is important to find ways to cope with the stress of modern life. We will work together on simple, but powerful stress reduction techniques and make sure you are getting those deep, restful, restorative Zzz’s.

What my clients say

Allison is a great coach, she has compassion and she provides a highly personal approach to her work. She has extensive knowledge about the emotional aspects of food issues. I was able to let go of weight loss as a driving force in my life and in my relationship with the food I eat. I would recommend Allison as a coach to anyone who is looking to heal their relationship with food; who has trouble accepting their body and their weight; and who wants to try a new and exciting approach to health.
Kathy J.
Ventura, CA
I was so sick of living with chronic pain and low energy, I decided it was time for a drastic lifestyle change. It was hard, really hard, but I could not have done it without Allison. She is warm and encouraging which is exactly what you need when you’re attempting a lifestyle change. She understands that it’s hard, and that people aren’t perfect. She truly and genuinely cares about the people she works with.
Trisha K.
Encino, CA
I sought Allison out because I wanted to improve my own health and help my family get back on track with healthier foods. I’m thrilled to report that we’re eating more whole foods every day and my kids have even become more aware of what REAL food is, pointing out when a packaged item has too many added ingredients. And I’m personally feeling more motivated than ever to eat foods that make me feel good and set my kids up for a healthy life.
Meghan E.
Austin, TX

Take Back Your Power.

The diet industry says you have to suffer to be skinny. The healthcare system says you need pills, potions, and procedures to be healthy. Tell me, has any of that worked for you? If you’re ready to take back your power, to take back your health, I’m here to support you.

Fall in Love with Food AgAin.

Imagine not reading another nutrition label, not feeling guilty after eating a piece of cake, not worrying about portion size or calorie count or grams of protein ever again. Imagine, also, having the body, energy, health, and confidence you have wanted for so long. If you’re ready to believe that all this can be your reality, I’m here to ensure that is.

Eat by choice, not Emotion.

Stress. Sadness. Anger. Rejection… Junk food is the pill for every emotional ill. Sound familiar? It helps for a little while, but then you just feel worse, right? Then you feel the shame, disgust, failure for eating something that didn’t help your health or your waistline. If you’re ready to break the cycle, I’m here to show you how. 

Your Dreams Are Waiting...

With abundant health, energy, and confidence, there is nothing you can't achieve.